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Springs Embrace

This collection will be called Springs Embrace. My kids and I have just
planted our first flower garden together in the hopes of growing
beautiful flowers and attracting a variety of butterflies and hummingbirds to visit us.
Springs embrace speaks to me of gentle breezes, softly swaying
branches and flowers. The beauty of mothers nurturing and
embracing new life, in all of its forms. I hope I can instill in my children a love
for nature and that they look forward to caring for and watching our garden bloom.

I created a mood board based on photos I took yesterday of all the flowers we planted just outside my studio window. We had our first little butterly visitor too....so hopefully that is  a good sign of things to come :)

The butterfly/hummingbird images were found on Pinterest, but all the rest are my own. I also created my color palette from these images.


Off to sketch and vectorize :)

Update: 4/3

I have drawn a bunch of sketches and started digitizing and coloring. Currently my file is a hot mess of half colored sketches and a few patterns - I especially love the pattern I created using image trace directly on some of the photos I took, I played around with colors and mocked it up on the rainboot drawing I had digitized. Now I want to buy these rainboots :)  


Updated 5/5

I have been working on this project and have several patterns created, but theyaren't jivng together as well as I had hoped. I started playing around with some additional sketches today and I am working on creating a lead floral print that I can pull motifs from for the supporting patterns. Hoping it rains and soccer gets cancelled tonight so I can park myself at the computer for awhile :) (Don't tell my kids I said that)

Here are the original patterns - I'll still probably use some of them...but haven't named any of them yet.


Here is a screen shot of what I was working on today...



Progress made...I think I love this new lead floral :) And now off to soccer practice we go...


So huge changes from where I started and I'm hanging onto the original patterns for another time, but here we go....the first colorway for this collection and my paragraph :) I hope you all love it!


Here is the second colorway.


Here are screen shots of each pattern in the original colorway:







Some mockups using Bonnies templates :)




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