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Final Pattern

Colour swatch used

This was the first pattern I made and it is made using pen drawings redrawn or live traced in illustrator. The colours are a bit all over the place! I initially struggled to come up with a colour palette that I liked, which is why it looks a bit random.

Colour change

Second pattern

I wanted to try and make a pattern with some of the flowers that I had painted and live traced on illustrator as it might be something I would like to do more of.

colour swatch

(used to change colour for the first pattern)

There were a few gaps which I filled with leaves drawn in illustrator. The colours are from the original colour palette (plus one or two which aren't on the swatch). Tried playing around with colours but found that this didnt work so well with the painted flowers. 

How I made my pattern.

I chose to use flowers as my inspiration from nature. I have a good collection of photographs which I thought would give me good starting point. As well as this I tried my best to keep a look out for patterns I see everyday. 


Illustrator experiments

I struggled a bit on how to use the paintings in illustrator so I concentrated on the pen drawings first

It took me a while to come up with a colour palette swatch I was happy with. I'm not really sure how I came up with it to be honest! :S Some colours were picked from this painting by Louise Bourgeois.

Others were from photos of sunsets and flowers that I drew from.

Live traced paintings

Playing with colours and types of flowers

First pattern attempt with a simple motif


It took me a while to come up with motifs. I found that I had drawn a lot of flowers but no leaves or accents to use. The motif on the top right hand side was the first motif I made. I orginally planned to create my first pattern with this so I might go back to it.

I have enjoyed this class and learnt a lot about Illustrator. I had this kind of fear when it came to using software like illustrator to create illustrations, I lacked confidence to use it and this class has allowed me to see what one can achieve when using Illustrator.


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