Spring - student project

Spring - image 1 - student project

I used a piece of a fabric which was left from a sewing project, I am glad that I keep it because its original printing of the two flowers are just so right for this project.  Since I don't have transfer paper to transfer the design, I drew the flower and leaves by using a water erasable pen directly, so you could see there are blue colour near the flowers.  I added a stem and a small bulb just for decoration purpose.


Stitches type:

Back stitch, leaf stitch and woven wheel rose stitch which guided by Dana. (Thanks Dana!  )

 I found that making the roses slightly loose would look natural and pretty. If you follow the instruction in the video, you will find how later nearly finishing embroidery.

Thread for Pink Roses are 1.3M for each colour, the diameter of the circle I drew was about 1.5 cm, as for thread forYellow Roses, it was about 63cm long, the diameter of the circle was 1 cm

Thread for the metallic one was about the same, 63 cm.