Paula Morgan

Print-maker and would- be illustrator



Spring pattern challenge - The promise of spring;

The window of my studio looks out onto my front garden, were there is a large, ornamental plum tree. Over the cold, wet winter it's long black branches have been bare but then the other day I saw that it's twigs were covered in small buds and the day after that, there were tiny specks of pink showing on the buds.....this for me is the 'promise of spring'. Those first, early signs which tell you that spring is on it's way. 

My inspiration board is about that feeling and the beautiful freshness of new growth. Of course, I had to include some baby animals ....well, just because they are so cute!

First sketch for my pattern. I am a 'messy' drawer but ideas are coming together and I use this for reference when I start laying out my design.



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