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Mae Wynn

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Spring in San Francisco

I recently moved to SF, and have been hiking around the city taking field sketches and collecting memories and fallen flora. This pattern depicts the cool, sunny days spent exporing and observing some of these beautiful ferns and flowers of such paricular soil specifications!  

I forgot to take a picture of the original pattern before I quartered it... now to fill her in! I'm contemplating hiding some cat eyes in there for a bit of voyeuristic mystique butttt we'll see what happens!

Ok! So I decided to keep it simple and stick with my floral theme... although I did end up doodling eyes, resulting in an alternate version (WARNING !!! this picture may not be appropriate for children)

Now to finish up my crosshair erasure on the original and continue navigating through photoshop - I am relatively inexperienced with computer imaging but am SO EXCITED to have found so many awesome skillshare classes to help me overcome that :~) It's inspiring to see all of my classmates' projects pan out, and I'm stoked to see how my own evolves! 

Woohoo! Upon completing my pattern it became obvious that there is a negative space floating around the center of my tile. I'm not sure if I completely dislike it, so for the moment I'm going to hold off on changing it until I've tested it on a product in the next lesson. With the alternate version, I am also unsure - but I feel that the empty space lends itself to sectioning off the center drawing even more between each tile, so I'm a little more OK with it for now. 


I wanted to go big and bold with pattern on the wall, seeing it blown up I think I will go back and fill in those blank spaces. Hopefully it won't be too difficult!

I prefer the pattern a little smaller in clothing-form, I found a couple pictures on pinterest that I like and did some alterations to see how the patterns interacted with different bases and clearly not too concerned with making them constrict to the human form hahah. I loved playing with the backgrounds and filters, it really allowed the original pattern to move in some unexpected directions!


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