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Katie Jarman




Spring Vegetables

2 Week Challenge- Spring Vegetables

I'm creating a pattern based off of the spring-time vegetable harvest. I'm planning on it having a pretty green-heavy color palette, with some accent warm colors.
My main goal in creating this pattern is to have it move & flow nicely.
I'm excited to see how this ends up!

Final pattern. I brought the shapes into illustrator, and laid out my pattern. Took a lot of tweaking to get it where it is. After I had the pattern figured out, I applied the watercolor texture to the shapes. After trying a lot of darker colored backgrounds, I liked it best on white!


Main shapes. I drew out the main shapes for my vegetables in photoshop. I didn't want to do them in illustrator because I wanted a more organic feel:


Sketches. I like to do my initial sketches using traditional mediums. I sketched out the main shapes for my vegetables (some strawberries snuck in, too!) using a thin felt tipped marker. I also painted the main watercolor textures, and scanned them in & got them ready to go:


My mood board for the project:



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