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Spring Pattern Challenge

Spring Pattern Challenge

1. Inspiration

When I think of spring I think of all of the bugs emerging (especially bees!) so I wanted to make a pattern about that. I also wanted to explore a color palette with different shades of yellow.


2. Drawing and Digitizing

Here are the sketches I did to use in my bee-utiful pattern. I really liked making the bee with graphic shapes and wanted to see what that could look like with other motifs


Then I digitized the motifs I wanted to use with random colors:


3. Final Pattern

Here is my final pattern


I tend to make geometric patterns so I wanted to experiment with making an allover pattern with less structure! This was really fun to make! Now I'm think of coordinate patterns that could go with this.


______________**Initial Pattern Repeat**______________

I. Inspiration.

I'm really inspired by music so I decided to make a repeat pattern inspired by a song of one of my favorite groups, B.A.P, called Hurricane.


I mainly wanted to use the different colors, shapes, and textures from the music video that stood out to me along with the feeling of accelerating excitement I get when I listen to the song. 

II. Motif Sketches.

My sketches are never fancy (or really neat haha), but I get the general idea I'm going for.


Then I took those sketches into Illustrator and make these motifs:


III. Pattern Block Evolution.

I'm naturally drawn toward geometric patterns and that is what I initally started to make. The problem was they that all looked like blender patterns to me, and I wanted something that had a little more umph.


So I cleaned up and used the bubble letters (that spell out "Hurricane") to make a pattern that was more complex.


Then I changed the colors using palette I made from my inspiration pictures. Here is my final pattern block:


IV. Final Repeat.


VI. Mock-ups.

I was planning to make a collection for another class but I did made a couple of mock-ups! 



I would really appreciate your feedback! And thanks for the class, I had a blast! 

**December 22nd, 2015 Update**

I changed my hero pattern because I wanted to make the shapes bigger and rearrange it a little. I also changed the color pallete


Here is the final repeat


Again, I had a blast! Looking forward to your feedback!


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