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Spring Pattern Challenge

Two week pattern challenge



Last winter I was in Ireland and experienced my coldest winter ever. Seeing the daffodil and tulips , snowdrops coming out of the ground as well as the blossoms in the trees was what chased the winter blues away and reminded me of the impending warm weather . i am hoping i can create a pattern that evokes the magic that spring carries. Nature coming back to life.

Looking back I don’t think I ever got to achieve what I intended with the last project I uploaded maybe I can redeem myself with this one

Mood board


Spring keywords:  Swans, birds, magnolia, rain, cherry blossoms, apple blossoms , pear blossoms, tulip. daffodil, crocus, blueblell, lilac, snowdrops, butterfly, nest, mud, rain, planting, watering can, galoshes/boots

As I worked on practicing pattern design collections over the last year, I have come to  realize that I love sketching with pencils.
 I love the uneveness and variety of my lines and the depth you can get with shading.  I have not yet been able to recapture this with Illustrator . So most of my attempts at pattern design have ended up as unrealized sketches

 I am happy with the sketches  I came up with during this spring pattern challenge.






Next comes the tricky bit. I can never get my digitized motifs to evoke the same feelings as my hand drawn sketches I hope I can bring some depth to my digitized motifs this time around. I just have to wait and see


Decided to focus on my sketches of raindrops first as they are quite simple whereas the thought of working on my floral sketches is quite overwhelming


I worked in greyscale first.


Then I recolored the pattern. Not entirely sure this will be my final choice in colors but it will do for now .



My final pattern in three colorways. It still needs some tweaking.

My mood board was inspired by Japanese fabrics and flowers. I found it quite challenging to create a mood board as there was a lot of inspiring imagery to be found on pinterest, which made it difficult to narrow down.

I have learned that some traditional Japanese art celebrates the beauty of the fleeting seasons and incorporates elements from the natural world such as waves that ebb and flow, mountains, clouds and flowers such as cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, peonies etc. I would like to create a pattern inspired by Japanese art that uses florals that are found in the seasons of spring and summer.


Some of my sketches


My patterns when they are applied to products



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