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Brittany Barnhart




Spring / Easter Egg Pattern

This is the first time that I've created a pattern so I was really excited to start this! I researched on Pinterest like crazy and am still fascinated by patterns. I even purchased a Twentieth Century Pattern Design book by Lesley Jackson, which is full of amazing patterns. The ones that kept catching my eyes were the ones that were more illustrated, and not as abstract and simple. I kept this in mind as I was sketching. During this process, I wanted to keep it fun and cute, and something to look forward to. (It's currently very cold in Michigan so I am day dreaming about flowers and sunshine!) 

I sketched a lot, and there are still a lot of ideas that I have for patterns but this is what I kept working on. Here is a sneak peak into my sketchbook and some sort of thought process behind my pattern:

After bringing it into illustrator, I couldn't decide on a color scheme that I adored.

After adjusting and playing for a while, I finally decided on this bad boy. :)

There are a few adjustments that need to be made but it's finished! 

Hope you like it!


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