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Spring Design Challenge: Spring at the Farmhouse COMPLETED


Updated - I posted it earlier but didn't realize I had to post the repeat and not the swatch! Now I don't even know if I'm making it on time for the challenge :( This is just my basic repeat, didn't try a half-drop yet. Between Illustrator crashing on me several times and router problems I had a ton of trouble uploading it but here it is!

I sketched directly on Illustrator because with 3 kids I don't have time to sketch by hand, then scan, then vectorize so I've been practicing in the hopes of getting better eventually. Here's what my rough sketches looked like:


It doesn't look like much but I started sketching magnolia flowers, leaves and cotton like what I had in my mood board. Half way through the week I had been working on other patterns and I felt like changing this one a bit to be more like one I was working on because of the flow. I wanted more sense of movement so I played a bit with the position of my main flowers (the magnolias and other shapes you can see in the pattern and incorporated other botanical elements I created. I wanted it dense because I'm drawn to dense patterns but I wanted the white to really pop because Joanna (from Fixer Upper) uses a lot of white and it's never dull, on the contrary, brings some balance and this calm, breezy feeling so I fought hard not to get carried away with the little elements filling up the space. 

I loved the palette! I did use black but very little and it's so subtle yet it makes a statement and adds depth. I would consider this one my hero print but I have more ideas for a collection using the elements in my pattern.

I feel much more confident in building patterns that it's unreal. Thank you tons Elizabeth!

You can see my moodboard here:


Oh my Netflix! I am currently obsessed with Joanna Gaines' home decor (from Magnolia Farms/Fixer Upper) and love how airy and bright her decor seems to me. The combination of rustic, metal, glass, wood and botanical elements really create a very special athmosphere - so soothing to me. THIS is my happy place ... 

I know, I know. My mood board looks more like a kitchen inspiration/renovation project rather than something to inspire a spring collection but the wheels are turning and I have all kinds of ideas I'll start sketching tomorrow. Magnolias ... cotton, even. So many elements to work with ...


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