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Spring Day Breeze

Hello everyone, I’m Becky and this is my pattern! This is my first time creating a pattern and my first skillshare project. Woohoo! I had fun and learned so much during this class. I used the programs Inkscape, GIMP, and Clip Studio Paint throughout this project. It was challenging but interesting to create this pattern, and I am excited to keep exploring pattern design. Thank you for your wonderful class Bonnie!


Inspirations from nature:

I kinda planned to do a floral pattern because I thought it would be easy for my first try. (It wasn’t! Still fun though.) Then, as I doodled I ended up falling in love with this hummingbird I sketched, so I chose to include it in the pattern as well. I love hummingbirds so it worked out with the ‘things you love from nature’ theme. I also attempted to draw a lily, which is one of my favorite flowers (love the scent!). The lily didn’t turn out as I had hoped, but I am still very happy with my pattern :)

I mostly used pinterest to look around for ideas and inspiration.


Here are some of my sketches. I doodled a bunch of sketches and picked out some that I liked for the pattern. I put a box around the sketches that ended up in the pattern.



Here are a few after digitally inking them.



This is my original color palette. I used the website to pick a palette I liked. I’m a fan of blue and pink so I chose to use a palette along those lines. I also tried other colors and adjusted the colors for different colorways when the pattern was complete.


Here are the motifs I came up with for my first pattern.


I also tried the half-drop pattern and I made a different motif for that one.



And here is my final pattern! Titled Spring Day Breeze

This is the original



This is the half-drop pattern. It’s called Spring Day Dream. I’m showing it in a different colorway called Midnight.



Okay so I went a little crazy and tried a few more patterns around this theme. I wanted to try a few simple patterns as well, so here they are. They all make kind of a mini Spring Day collection.


Here is Spring Day Stroll in colorway Rose. (Many of the colorways are named after plants or flowers in keeping with the Spring theme)



Here is Spring Day Simplicity. For Simplicity I changed the detailing of the art and simplified the colored elements by removing lines and detail, which made a sort of shadow-like effect that I thought was interesting. Here is an example of the sketch transformation (the first step).



Here is the final result of Simplicity in colorway Sky



And this is Spring Day Calm in colorway Night. In Calm, one of the sketches was further simplified to just an outline. Like the second step in the sketch transformation shown above.


Yay! Before Bonnie's class I had no idea what surface pattern design was, and now I've made 5 patterns :) Bonnie did an amazing job explaining everything step by step and making pattern design fun. Thank you so much! Looking forward to your other class Surface Pattern Design 2.0


You can see all of my patterns and more color variations of my Spring Day collection in my society6 shop




I definitely plan on trying out more patterns. You can follow me on instagram if you are interested in seeing what I come up with :)

Thank you so much for looking!

God bless you!




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