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Spring Challenge - Spring Meadows Completed

I started off by thinking of everything that meant Spring to me.  I was really drawn to wild flowers in the meadows.  I started then thinking of walking through meadows, having a picnic, what would I eat, what would I drink.  This then got me looking at lemons (lemonade) and fresh fruit, and I was really drawn to the spots and textures on these.  I wanted to think about what meadows in Spring would smell like, fresh grass, maybe that just rained smell, and this would translate into shades of green and grey, to sit along the fresh floral colours.


At the moment, I'm not sure whether to work on two collections - meadow florals and fresh fruit, or to incorporate elements into both.

Stylistically, I'm drawn to the hand drawn slightly textured illustrations, and also like the elements of watercolour.

These are my initial illustrations:




After completing these sketches, I thought about how I could get a bit more of my style in.  I played around with some textures and expressive mark making to descrive my flowers.

I really like some of these marks, but am not sure I'll be able to include them in my project, as I can't draw round them easily, so would have to Live Trace, and I agree with Elizabeth that this doesn't always produce the best results.



Maybe I could simplify some of these shapes to produce something more unpredictable and interesting than my initial drawings.

After looking through all the beautiful moodboards, I decided mine needed a bit more refinement.  I still wanting to keep some geometric elements throughout, but decided to hone in on a theme and colour palette, so have now concentrated on a romantic meadow theme with soft tones and textures.

I like the soft focus on these images, and am thinking I may try and play with this in my patterns - have some areas that are more vague and open to interpretation than others.


I placed 3 of my drawings into a document in Illustrator and drew round the ones I liked with the pencil tool.


Some up close detail:


I played around with different ways to simpify my messy motifs


Some worked better than others, but I enjoyed the unpredicability of working this way, and coming up with new shapes I might not have thought of.


After playing around with my icons, they were looking a bit dull, so I decided I needed some texture in the form of mark making to make these more "me".  I liked the marks on the initial sketches, but felt these wouldn't translate well into patterns. 


I wanted to be mindful of my interest in the geometric shapes on my moodboard, so looked for these patterns in my photo inspiration.



I decided to simplify some of my shapes, getting rid of detail within, and placed some of my made textures in the shapes instead.

This is my first hero print (tile), where the incorporated patterns are prominent.


And this is it as a repeat pattern



Second hero print tile (with a more regular mark making pattern):


And the repeat:


I've included the other repeats in the collection too.




Blended prints:



And my final board showing the designs together:


To evaluate, I'm really pleased I pushed myself creating the marks to incorporate in, as I feel this makes my work different.  I had completed the project already and felt that it didn't have enough of my stamp on it.  It was a challenge to work out how to incorporate my rustic textures into a structured piece, but I broke Elizabeth's rule and used Live Trace!

I think the colours have a linked to my original reference material, the only design I feel is a bit flat is the last one, but I suppose that's the point of a blended print!

I think some things could be refined, such as the stems of my flowers, but it's all a learning curve.

Thanks for looking.


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