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Spring Challenge: Fruity Fun

Hi everyone! Thanks Elizabeth for this totally amazing class!

I wanted to join the spring challenge and create a pattern that reminded me of the warmer months. I too have the winter blahs. I was inspired by juicy and bright fruits and leaves. Not exactly spring but more of a summer vibe I suppose. This is just what came out when I started sketching.

I started by sketching on paper with a pen and then digitized the drawings on my ipad with a stylus and Inkpad. This is a revelation! Thank you for the suggestion Elizabeth!


I then moved the images into lllustrator and colored them and began playing around with the layout. This was the most fun and time consuming, I realized that I have never really looked at complex patterns before to see how everything is spaced and fits together. I ended up playing with this for many hours. I am still not 100% happy with the layout or design but for me this was more about learning the process so I can do something more interesting next time, or work further on this one, adding more of my fruits into ythe mix. I also drew peaches, pineapples, mangos, bananas and more... :)

I had some problems with the dreaded white hairlines unfortunately. But they aren't there when I zoom in so I will just ignore it.

Now you see the stupid "white line"


But now ya don't! So annoying.


Looking forward to seeing everyone's amazing patterns for this challenge. LOVE this class and all the earlier projects. Amazing!


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