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Spring Challenge - Early Spring

I live in Russia, in a gloomy, melancholic and very beautiful city of Saint Petersburg. Spring comes to us in April, but in March, we can feel some unseen things, such as: a breath of wind, a ray of sunshine, small drops from the roofs, the smiles on the faces of passers-by and love in the air.

I feel the greatest delight when I see the first swollen buds, young leaves, the first flowers and hear bird songs. That is what I have been associated with spring. Every year I look forward to the moment they appear.


In my moodboard I tried to use images which express my feelings. Most likely, the pattern will be in pastel, gray and white colors with the addition of a light yellow, green and blue. I would like to make a drawing with thin graceful lines.

Some scetching process:


Filling process:



Finally I choose this one. 



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