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Spring 2-Weeks Pattern Challenge "The Triangle Hour"

Hi Everyone! 

I took Elizabeth's class a few months back, and played around with trying to create patterns. But, it was a very busy time and I didn't get to finish my project. So when I saw the 2-weeks challenge up, I jumped at the opportunity to try my hand at it again. And I must say, this time I'm hooked! After I made the pattern for the class, I actually made two more just for fun, and I'm loving the process, so many more are on the way! 

Spring to me is a bit of a waking up after a long winter, so I wanted to make a pattern with bright colors, dynamic shapes and exciting rythme. I like "oddly" or seemingly randomly placed elements but I want to still keep it coherent and pleasing to the eyes, so that's the challenge I chose for myself on this project. 

I started by drawing different basic shapes, and felt inspired by triangles. I wanted to draw a few of them to be repeated as opposed to only one because I thought it would have made the pattern a bit too monotonous. It was surprisingly difficult to draw triangles that had a nice weight to them, not too blunt but not too round either. Then, I thought about what other elements I could add to my pattern. I came up with the dots as a way to represent movement, maybe a breeze cleaning out the remaining of winter. And then I added a few little lines reminiscing of the cartoons I usually draw. I felt it added some energy. 



I then scanned my elements into illustrator and drew over, played around with placement and varying the different elements. I didn't scale the triangles too much because I noticed it affected the weight of the lines, which then made some stand out too much. 

When I was happy with the placement, I started putting color in. 


And then I tested my pattern block. It took me about 4 rounds of correction to get it right 


There were still some part that I didn't really like, so I kept on cleaning up the edges and the dots (which I had too many of at first) until I felt happy with it. 

Here is a detail on one part of it 


And here is the final block that repeats pretty neatly: 



Some mock ups: 




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