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Sunny Williams

Co-founder of Medtoon



Spreading the Medtoon Message

Medtoon is an early stage healthcare tech startup that educates children and families about surgical procedures and health issues.  Think about it.  When a kid finds out that he or she needs to have a surgical procedure, it is a scary moment for the child and the entire family.  Doctors aren't always especially skilled in the area of communicating medical information in plain language that a child can understand.  And parents don't always have the answers either when it comes to health issues.  So, we created Medtoon to solve this problem.  Medtoon produces animated short films that educate kids about health issues and surgical procedures in plain language that a child can understand.  While our message is tailored towards children, our message and animation are also "adult friendly" too.  Our animation is designed to educate, ease and empower young patients and their families.  After viewing the video, patients, who may have felt anxiety beforehand, have a sense of "I know now" and "I can do it."

Our animation is universal.  That is, there are no races or ethnicities tied to our animation.  Our characters are blue and purple by design.  We aim to make Medtoon available in 100 languages and bring over a billion smiles to faces, both young and old.  

If you have any ideas about spreading the Medtoon message, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or reach out via twitter @Sunny_Williams_.  If you want to continue to stay updated on the latest developments at Medtoon you can check us out at www.medtoon.com, on Facebook or via Twitter @Medtoon1.  

Looking forward to a contributing my ideas to other projects and hearing your thoughts as well.  


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