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Katrina McMillan

Church Communicator



Spreading my Wings

Now I'm combining the November Challenge with other classes I'm taking- so you may see duplicates if you look at multiple projects of mine.






Day 2 of 28:


What's in Front of Me. A picture of my sister- doesn't look much like her, but does look like a human at least!

Day 1 of 28:


The magic bowl gave me "My Favorite Things" to sketch today. I started off trying to be very precise, but quickly got bored and decided to just go sketchy and free hand. Was way more fun that way.

Day Five: 


A straw and Words to Inspire. I went with my favorite Bible verse- Philippians 4:13 "I am able to do all things through Him strengthens me." I think that working on my hand lettering is next on my to-develop list. :-) Looking forward to the next 28 days as I continue to practice my art everyday.

Day Four:


My magic fortune teller had me sketching in the waiting room at the orthodontist while my oldest son had his braces adjusted, so I grabbed my sketchbook and my pencil bag and off we went! I'm obssessed with the Fibonacci seqence after recently watching a documentery on math in the natural world. These are my attempts at applying it to flower petals and flower centers. My favorites are the two on the left- the little one especially!

It was a little nerve wracking working in such a public place. I worried others would see what I was doing and judge my art. But then I reminded myself- I'm making art! Anyone that chooses to judge me is most likely just sitting there not creating!

Day Three:


Two minutes?!? Two measly minutes?!? And Aliens? And a paintbrush... AGAIN?!? While that is what I thought during prep, the actual painting ended up being a lot of fun to do. I felt like I was just getting my creative juices flowing when the timer went off, but I have a feeling I'll be coming back to these guys soon. I see tentacle/roots that need to be added to my sentient alien plants. 

Day Two:


I drew elephants from the magic bowl and picked up a paintbrush again (seriously, I think I need shorter paintbrushes so I can reach something else). I started with an ear, but elephants have such intense eyes I ended up exploring that more.

Day One:


Here's my day one sketch. Simply a red ball. Trying to play with highlights and shading some. My shadow came out wonky and too dark, but it's my sketch for the day so I'm proud of it. ;-) I'm used to sketching in pencil, so when I closed my eyes and picked out a paintbrush this morning, I was pretty nervous.

I work in Communications for my church. I do everything from copywriting to social media management to graphic design. I love it, but I get too stuck in the digital world sometimes. I'm taking this class to get myself away from my keyboard and get something other than a mouse in my hand when I create.


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