People who live in cities such as San Francisco spend too much time searching for a parking spot.

Week 1

#1 Problem Hypothesis on validation board: 

#3 Is your customer who you thought they were? Did they have the problem?

Yes, all people I interviewed were young professionals between 22-35 with cars.  They had experienced not being able to find street parking for long periods of time and they really disliked the experience.  

#4 List the 5 key learnings from interviews

  • parking in certain neighborhoods in SF was harder than others (the Marina and the Mission) and certain times of days were more challenging than others.  Parking is a large consideration when thinking whether or not to drive somewhere.
  • Generally people said they started getting agitated after looking for a spot after between 5-15 minutes of looking and wind up parking up to 1 mile away from their intended destination
  • Lack of parking spots have caused all people to be late at one point or another
  • All would pay $5 for a spot within 2 blocks of their intended destination if it would save considerable walking/travel time and there was no other cheaper options available (cheap parking lots).  This was amplified if there was a shortage of time or a perception of hopelessness in finding a spot (due to big sporting event, street parade, etc).
  • People typically start at their intended desination and spiral out away from it hoping to find a spot as close to it as possible.


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