Nicola Rowe

Artist & illustrator



Spot leaves illustration

Hello everyone! I wanted to share my project I have done.

I started off with a simple leaf illustration I did that I wanted to colour with my 'new' palette.


Next I wanted to use a piece of artwork I had created recently as my inspiration for my colour palette.


Then I started creating my colour palette from my artwork. As I don't have Adobe Photoshop, I used Illustrator instead (hope this is ok!), and instead of pixelating into squares, it made the colours into random shapes but still gave me what I needed.


And below my finished leaf illustration using the colours I have chosen as my colour palette.


Ans as I was enjoying colouring in my illustration, I decided to make it into a repeating pattern, which can be seen below.


Thanks for a great class Christine! I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for looking.


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