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Sportdub is the story of two sport fans bored by commentaries on TV. My best friend and I thought we could be better than the actual commentators and decided to create the platform where we could commentate live during games and where the audience could choose the one commentator that fits their mood (fan of the same team, tactical expert, betting pro, funny guy...) and interact directly with him through a chat. 

We've launched a first version where anyone could actually commentate and the truth is... no one did.

We then launched a new version were we would invite bloggers, journalists or professional players to commentate for free from our studios. It worked much better (we have between 1000 and 2000 spectators per game and thousands of messages left in the chat) but it's not scalable (it takes way too much time to organize and we have no time left to work on our development) and we don't increase our userbase anymore.

So far, we only rely on sharing virality and we had a hard time figuring out a viral loop.

We're thinking allowing everybody to commentate again. In our views it would bring an inherent level of virality (the more friends they invite, the more value they get out of the product). We think we could also do revenue sharing with our commentators which would match the trade level of virality. 

Here's the link to our website (only available in French so far).

I'd be happy to discuss with you any aspect of our product/strategy. 

Thanks in advance,



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