Looking forward to read and give feedback on your pitches. Mine is still rough and lacks some proper English. I'm posting this now as an early stage and start improving quickly.

1. Define the problem

Sport participation is decreasing drastically in the youth that is growing up to become adolescent. One out of two is leaving the organised sport before he or she turns eighteen and doesn't return. On the other hand informal sport activity's are growing steadily because they better support the needs of the individual. These are needs like: sport with others; find likeminded people; and have more influence on when you wanna sport. Sportcover fur fills this need by building a product that helps you organize, find and participate in informal sports related activity's. By pursuing this, there are three unique values Sportcover offers to customers:
- Better decide who you participate in.
- See local sport activity's.
- Meet new people with the same sport interests.

With experience as a sports teacher and as an active member of many informal sport organisations I have experience in the industry and utilise a user centred development to build the product with customers and sport providers. I currently am the only founder and am working hard to find help in development and advice from investors.

2. Motivation

This product is a start to make sport more accessible. The way we organise sport has changed a lot lately while providers and current organisations haven't. The reasons we sport and do activity's is still as important as ever to improve our skills. Change and disruption is inevitable and I wanna support and help make sports be a better part of our lives. Daily.

3. Competition

Competition exits out of companies who help sports related local groups organise and sports related platforms who help supply and demand through their products.
- Sportpartout: Sportpartout creates a unified subscription with over 125 gym's in The Netherlands. Customers are able to join all of them and are able to quit every month.
- Gidsy: Helps you explore, book and organise unique things to do. Professional craftsman offer workshops and tours.
Meetup: Helps local groups organise and create community's through meet ups.

4. Investors

- DCIF Investors: DCIF focusses on young dutch entrepreneurs and start-ups who are active in the digital creative Dutch industry who have a scalable business model.
More to come soon.

I already made and tested a prototype but will add that later as I'm refining the product demo.


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