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Sport ist Mord

Hi guys,

since I live in Germany I've chosen a German idiom.

My sketching process involved researching some popular German idioms. I will roughly translate them for English readers:

- Wait and drink tea.
- All good is coming from above.
- Drunks and children tell the truth.
- Dumbness hurts.
- Every pot has its lid.
- Morning hours have gold inside the mouth. (sounds really weird. It's something like the early bird catches the worm)
- Exercise is murder.


After sketching out some of the idioms I quickly decided that I wanted to work on the last idiom: Exercise is murder or in German: "Sport ist Mord". It's something we sometimes hear people say that don't really like physical activities. It's also a rhyme, so that's probably why we like to use it as well. But we all know: Physical activities are good for you and healthy! ;)

The first idea that came into my mind is a person who's jogging and his shadow on the ground has an evil grin and holds a knife in his hand. I couldn't get the image out of my head so that's why I decided to progress further with this idea.

This is my second sketch:


So I headed over to Illustrator and immediately had problems finding the right style. I drew some shapes with the pencil tool. Failed. I tried the blob tool for me. Failed as well. I didn't want to have outlines in this illustration. Lastly I chose the pencil tool, grabbed my Wacom and drew the shapes freely without scanning my sketch. I wanted it to appear loose, flexible... kinda a stretchy way. I don't know how to describe it clearly.

The next challenge was choosing the right color palette. I wanted to use high contrasts, especially background vs. shadow. Instead of making the shadow dark I wanted to have a dark background and a shadow that pops out.


Finally I added some textures and final strokes to make out some details in the clothing and hair.

This is the final illustration! Thanks for reading :)



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