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Marcus Vinicius Merkel

Owner/Designer at Vibra Design



Sport Club Gaúcho - Passo Fundo / RS / Brazil

I decided to create a uniform for Sport Club Gaúcho , also known as Gaúcho, which is a brazilian football club based in Passo Fundo, Brazil.

This club was founded on May 12, 1918 to serve the central plateau in the northern region of Rio Grande do Sul State. Gaúcho won twice the lower divisions of the Campeonato Gaúcho (the Rio Grande do Sul state league), in 1966 and 1977.

The choice of the name is justified because the team would be like the Gaucho ( people, "warrior, determined, hardworking and strong. Throughout history, the club has created a reputation for tough and expensive to sell the defeats. Opponents feared playing in their fields, facing the Pontes brothers in the years 60/70.

In 1980s the club played in the first division of state league, but, lacking sponsorship, generally finished in the middle rankings.

In 2000´s, Gaúcho faced financial difficulties. While the club had historically weathered such downsizings in the past, the 2000 difficulties resulted in the loss of access to their stadium. Lacking municipal support and facing mounting debts, the club folded in 2005. Responding to popular support, the club was revived in 2009.

In 2013, with much bravery and overcoming the club was able to access the second division, leaving behind traditional football clubs. But the biggest win came off the field. With the sale of the Salton Wolmar Stadium, the club paid off all your pending and could restructure to return to be among the great football state. Now Gaucho plans to build an arena with a capacity for 10,000 spectators, which will be named "Arena Wolmar Salton."


Wolmar Salton Stadium

Image of the old stadium walls where somebody painted the phrase "o Gaúcho jamais morre" which means "Gaúcho never dies". Somehow I´ll use this on the design.






I really like retro style uniforms, and I believe that following this style, I can achieve my goal with the project, which is to rescue the tradition and passion of the fans by the club. Mainly because our biggest rival (Esporte Clube Passo Fundo) is having good results in the first division. I have done a design service to the club doctor, and through him I have contact with the current chairman of the club, so there is a possibility to present the results of this project and (hopefully) may even be embraced by the club, which would be a dream!


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