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Spoony Spartan Trophy Wolf

Step 1: Selecting Your Text

I was particularly struck by Dorcas Gustine's story from The Spoon River Anthology:

There is something so intriguing and ironic about a person being shunned for honesty and integrity. I thought it might be fun to explore a society that would respond to some of humanity's most admirable qualities--strong will, fearlessness, independence--with disdain.

Combined, her name means "gazelle; just & righteous", which adds dimension to her character and struggle which tie together in her conflict with Spoon River--a town that unjustly subjects her to rejection and ridicule, based on her refusal to surrender her true nature based on the perceptions of others.

I think that by remaining loyal to the story's original 19th century/small town atmosphere, I can achieve the heightened contrast of a particularly modern issue in a time period that would be the least tolerant of it. This will also make for opportunities to empower a fairly satirical story with subtle notes of humor and irony.

The title "Spoony Spartan Trophy Wolf" mirrors the sentimentally silly/foolish ("Spoony") facades of the town and their beliefs that by being devoured by their misery ("Spartan boy's wolf"), they are rewarded ("Trophy") for their strength. Likewise, it plays on the truth that by unjustly isolating Dorcas, they only feed her own integrity, strengthening her own "wolf" that, unlike themselves, she will refuse to silence. 

Rather than present this as a tale of heroism and one woman's "superiority" over a town that doesn't appreciate her, I wanted to focus more on the town as a whole and its function in Dorcas's life, presenting the unfortunate truth that despite her resilience and strength and air of "--I am content!", the town would, inevitably succeed in boxing her into their perception of her (as they have with the other villagers), leaving her with a "wolf" of a different kind--Dorcas's own strength meant for her demise that, in turn, she will be prepared to snatch forth in the street, "amid dust and howls of pain".

To further emphasize that the issue at hand is not gender exclusive, but universal, I wanted to incorporate a brief interaction between a few men of the town demonstrating the same behaviors towards each other.

That's all I've got so far!

I am still working out the structure of the scenes to achieve the strongest emotional impact.

Until then, please adopt the nature of my protagonist and be brutal, but kind with your feedback! I appreciate it more than you know--I have never written a screenplay before!

Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

Here's my first draft!

I'd like to condense it more, and I still feel like something's missing...Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


I wanted to post a link of my next draft, but I can't seem to convert the script from Celtx & it just looks weird, so...


Step 3: Writing Your Logline

A small town receives a priceless gift of 'truth' when an outspoken villager crashes the annual Christmas party.


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