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Spoon-ful of Learning!

Ok...here goes nothing, right? So I've chosen this pretty cool Spoon concert poster to recreate (I own no rights to this photo, I am only copying it for learning purposes) because I like the type of artwork it displays, I hope to do more concert/album-type artwork in the future and it doesn't seem overly difficult...although I'm sure those words will come back to get me, haha. Anyways, I just created my artboard and now I'm off to watch the next video!

Alright, so here's what I have so far after watching the Building Shapes/lines/etc video. Pretty cool! I am really enjoying learning all of the this stuff...before it all just seemed like magic how people could make art this way..but now I feel like I am the magician! Haha. Anyways, off to watch some more...(ps: not sure why the blue color is off here, but it looks fine in my version, so that's all that matters haha)

Alright, I finally finished! I had intended to update more along the way...but I just got carried away and finished it all in one sitting, haha. This has been so much fun! I love this stuff and it's definitely not the last time I'll play with Illustrator. Thanks for the awesome class! Here's the final project...can you guess the original?


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