Spoon and Saucer Blog Logo

First try at the second version. Spoon and Saucer Blog Logo - image 1 - student project

First illustration. Went another direction. Want to add a cup & saucer to the top of "spoon"... not sure how to do it yet. 

Spoon and Saucer Blog Logo - image 2 - student project

Then I go and ask my son what HE thinks I should do, and comes up with this concept (which I redrew out to make this). I'm LOVING it. The blue (robin's egg-ish) is one of my most favorite colors. That the spoon is a wooden spoon + a contrasting color makes my heart sing. 

Spoon and Saucer Blog Logo - image 3 - student project

Spoon and Saucer Blog Logo - image 4 - student projectMy blog is about real food, and home cooking. "Real food is easier than you think."

"Spoon" is the wooden spoon I have that belonged to my mother, the "saucer" represents "giving from the saucer" (i.e. giving from the extra you have in your own life). 

The blog is about sharing resources, food, recipes and other useful bits of information that people can use (or think about) in the kitchen.

I want this logo to be clean, somewhat vintage/retro in feel, and not too complicated or cute. I adore letterpress, and simple logos. That's what I'm shooting for here... I'm getting a little hung up on what to do with the "&". Make it stand out or fade away? I'll keep sketching... So far the top two on the left are my favorites.

(I also have other ideas in my Paper app, which I'll try to upload as well.