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Spoil the Dog Bakery

I'm redesigning to logo for my mom's business, Spoil the Dog Bakery. She bakes healthy dog treats, including dog birthday cakes. (I know, right?) She just moved into a boutique space, which she is decorating in all black and white.

I've uploaded her current logo. I feel like it doesn't communicate the health benefits of her treats well and it clashes with the feel of her store. Time for a refresh!

Top banner of her website; her logo is on the right:


For my research, I looked at classic French bistros and healthy food restaurants. The French bistro concept came from my mom's preferences; she has always loved Normandy and the classic French aesthetic. Her restaurant is decorated in a similar fashion, so something slightly classy will be needed to keep decorum. As for the health food restaurants, the health benefits of her treats has always been a selling point for her. A word mark that speaks to these benefits would do her company well.

As I researched, I tried to sketch marks I liked in ink:


Next, I tried to do some sketching. Unfortunately I didn't have a pencil on me, so it was all in ink. I'll have to revisit this later when I'm better equipped. None the less, some ideas are forming! The lettered ones with arrows are the ideas I'm feeling more warm towards.




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