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Sploosh- A girl's guide to squirting

I am a big fan of female ejaculation. I think it's a delightful and underdiscussed sexual phenom. I think all women can do it if they learn the secrets and practice. I like teaching people how to unlock the fountain of youth. For this zine project, my topic was obvious but my methods were not. 

I got strep throat the night this was assigned and was in bed for 5 days. The day i felt partiall human i wrote out the words i would use. For me, the how to or the instructions were the most important part. I am also training to be a copywriter so words are my go to. Once it was writen, i had to figure out how to lay it all out. I knew i'd use press on letters, shapes, and clip art. Typing and hand drawn letters as well. I like the homemade feel of handwritten. I think it goes with what a zine is about. Geurilla ideas created and distributed for little cost. There are some fancy additions that will be adding texture to the final product after photocopying. 

This is a solid first draft. I will make another that is even better! 


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