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Split Shift

Purpose of music festivals are to create an at one experience between the fans with other fans and fans with the artist. It is not only limited to exposure. They say you can't please everybody, but I think this band would be able too. As a music festival goer myself, festivals are usually 2 to 3 days long. Artist usually only perform one day out the two or three days, and the fans usually attend all two or three days. Though splitting the bands and holograms are BRILLIANT, it does not provide the same experience. 

Restate the problem.

1) Fans may want to see all band members

2) Fans may value the auntenctiy of seeing the band live

3) Still worried about this damn band equipment


Compare the length of the festivals. Contact the coordinator of each festivals to explain the problem and neogitate the solution. I would assume you would want to remain in favor of your fans and the festival coordiantors. Because These festivals are on opposite sides on the coast. I would suggest the band perform the first day of the east coast festival first/ WHY? Well If the festivals on each coast are 3 days long, performing on the first day on the east coast allows the band time to travel and rest if they were to perform on the third day of the second festival on the West Coast. Nothing Overlaps, fans get to see their band perform during their time slots, no fillers or artifical perservatives. Even if they were 2 days long traveling from east coast to west coast can potentially buy the band some time to get their life together.

What about that damn equipment?

Provided that the negoitated planned is in tact, you may have time to transfer equipment. If not, talk to stage coordinators or whomeever the issue concerns and ask if you can borrow equipment from a later set.




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