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Split Screen

Take a step back from YOUR and see THE.

The ideology of Split Screen is founded around the idea of multiple perceptions of the same scenario. Expanding upon that; how two people can look at the same situation, and through their different point-of-views, pull out similar and differentiated positives and negatives based on their past experiences and prior knowledge. The focus of the brand is to expand the conciousness of the world into being able to see beyond their own eyes, and see how everything they do effects their own enviroment as well as  everyone elses'.

The clothing designs within Split Screen share this goal, as well as various others. Another main focus is to take objects with negative stigma and attempt to give them a positive image. Through witty wordplay and abstract art and designs, we aim to make the world a happier place.

It's about time we worked together for the common good.

Let's get started.

Split Screen

(Currently I am working on clothing but plan to expand beyond that, so I did not make it clear that this was purely a clothing brand.)


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