Splinter - a poem

Splinter - a poem - student project

This might be my own class, but I wanted to share a poem nonetheless that I wrote while creating this class, in the hopes to inspire you to share your own work. 



I will not ask you again
How much he broke your heart
Instead, I will ask you
How you rose despite the splinters
Buried deep beneath your skin

I will praise your courage
How you howled to the moon at night
Not knowing if in pain or freedom
How you overcame loneliness and finally
Remembered your body's healing powers

No man or woman or person
Ever deserved to be cried over the way
You did in that first night
But you, my dear, deserve a love
That will feed you until the end of time

Before anyone
There was always

Tasmin Hansmann
Author, Storyteller, Gardener