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Splatter Project by Erin Dameron-Hill

When I came across a 10 minute tutorial for a cool splatter effect, I had to start the project.  Come on, what's not cool about a splatter project?  Especially one that is only a few minutes long?  First of all, the teacher was great.  His instructions were easy to follow.  This was an easy, quick tutorial.  As a professional cover artist, I'm always learning something new.  I rarely use splatter in my projects because my primary cover genre is romance.  Don't think about splatter and romance :-)

Anyway, creating this was a blast.  I used my favorite model, Jax Turyna for this project.  Usually, she doesn't have action poses so I was lucky :-)  I realized I would only have a few splatter colors to work with.  I was missing a colorful guitar and kick ass tattoos.  But I really enjoy the simplicity of the colors in this project--her skin, hair, and pants.  They contrast well.

Without the concrete background, the white seemed to make the splattered model boring so I just put the concrete on hard light to create a frame around Jax.

I hope you like my project and I hope you try one of your own.  It's fun :-)


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