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Splash Page using responsive grid.

I had the task of building a splash page for a local singer here in Pittsburgh. Chris, your course helped me understand the responsive grid. I used the clothing line project as a reference. I completed the course(showed you earlier), ditched it and applied what I learned on a real life project. I never thought to design for mobile first and then set media query breaks for tablet and desktop. This approach was wise! and made my life easy. I've been teaching myself html and css for the last 2 years. It's not easy to be real good at it.... some catch on faster, some a little slower. Within the last year I feel like I could do anything with css but only for static sites. I always got tripped on trying to build responsive sites - my designs would break. After completing this course, I feel like I finally have grasp on building responsive websites. With that being said I know there's frameworks out there that help like Bootstrap, but I did not like just calling classes for everything. I feel like I was taking corners. I still like to have control of the css and just dropping the responsive grid css presets was ok for me and only calling the sections and cols. 12 column grid makes sense! I was not aware of this tool, this change my life, http://www.responsivegridsystem.com/. Thanks Chris for informing me about this.

Notes: I ditched the carousel slider and js social links. I did not need for the splash page.

Here's my site,

A few questions I have:
I can't get the footer to stay down. Any tips, techniques you favor? 
How do I pull a background-image locally instead from a url. I've tried: background-image:url(file/image.png) semi colon. This does not work. 
Is there anything I could do to clean up the code? Anything you see that could be done a different way?








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