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Kerry Grolle

Owner of Olive & Emerald



Spitfire Social Media



01 Background / The goal of this brand identity expansion is to create a strong image for clients to associate with the brand and to stand out from other media agencies through use of a "mascot".

02 Objective / The Spitfire Social Media brand aims to take on its own personality so potential clients will be familiar with the agency before being specifically engaged by an employee.

03 Target Audience / Spitfire Social Media serves small businesses (between 1 and 200 employees) and larger companies that outsource social media needs.

04 Message / A "spitfire" is typicall thought of as being quick-witted and sassy, or sharp and intelligent.  Spitfire Social Media aims to create an interaction between their client and the audience that is fun, interesting, and a little rough around the edges.

05 Competition / Spitfire Social Media aims to set itself apart from marketing agencies (most have a weak social media division), freelancers and in-house social media hires.

06 Distinguishing Characteristics / Spitfire Social Media aims to make social media exaclty that - social.  The goal is to create content that is "info-taining", allowing the personality and creativity of the employees to be showcased while both engaged the target audience and portraying a client message.

07 Creative Considerations / The aesthetic cues should be from classic comic books like vintage Wonder Woman: black and white with pops of color, thought bubbles, and approachable, handwriting-like typefaces.  The end result should be both social and tell a story, like the business itself.

08 Key Words / Memorable, Dynamic, Bold, Entertaining, Clean, Simple





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