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Spit Ballin

TITLE: Break this Heart


Piers Levan felt like his life was going nowhere.

It was the usual routine of work and sleep with the occasional quickie in between. Until he comes to the aid of a defenceless woman getting mugged.

Instead of gratitude and maybe an invitation into those panties, Piers receives a nicely placed right hook to the eye. Shocked at the outcome, Piers doesn't forget the encounter especially since he had a souvenir from the incident. When their paths cross again, sparks fly and not in the good way. She gladly ignores Piers but he knows he can win her over especially when he finds her staring at his arms a little too frequently.

Will the feisty brunette be able to place a swift right to Piers' heart or will she just settle for his face again?

TARGET AUDIENCE: Young Adults/ Teenagers (romantics)


I read a lot of books and the story is always in the form of either a headstrong female lead or a passive girl who always ends up getting the guy. Whether he has money, extremely irresistable looks or is a warrior type hero, the plots are always the same. I wanted to start something different with romance laced into the plot because who wouldn't want to fall in love? I got the idea of a male lead cause it’s different and wouldn’t it be nice to view things from a male perspective?


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