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Spiro-Graphic Novel : Vol.1 : Bill

I've been playing with spirographs for a little while.

It started as a creative exercise to see if I could do something interesting with tangled lines. Using a kids toy to have a different kind of fun. And I've managed to build a little pile of twisted images, though I wasn't sure what to do with these creations.

When the zine assignment came along, I wondered if this could be an appropriate vehicle for my spiro-drawings. After sketching out some panels, I set to work on building my first zine.






(I love that I could manipulate this spiro to fall right at the end of the cut in the page. An added bonus.)

Without this class, I don't think I would have ever used a zine to showcase my strange little tales.
So thank you Skillshare for the inspired classes and passionate teachers. I've loved putting this together and expect the next dozen zine builds will be just as fun to make and share.



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