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Spiritual Cabinet

First off, I loved this whole concept. It is really a great way to get out of a creative rut. Kate is also such a fun person. I really enjoyed this class and I fully intend to start making a habit of make more collections in the future. 

So I am one of those people who is very spiritual, but not really rooted in any singular religious practice. I have a spiritual cabinet where I keep items that are meaningful to me. I sit down next to this cabinet when I am feeling lost and I feel it gives me a sense of peace.

I decided to draw some objects from my spiritual cabinet. They include some natural items - shells, star anise, and a leaf, which I thought made a really beautiful combination. 

Here is my drawing pre-digitized:


I used Staedtler pigment liners for this drawing on mixed media paper. I then scanned it in and live traced it in Illustrator. I killed the outlines and used the fill only and applied a watercolor style to each illustration. I think I may play around with this later and make a surface pattern out of this set. It was a lot of fun!

Here is the finished set:


Thank you so much for the super fun class! I look forward to seeing more!

- Tamara


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