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Abigail Southworth

Illustrator & Designer



Spirit Warrior Anders


So when I first started, I wanted to do a female mage-type woman. You can see below some thumbnails I started.

It wasn't until I had gotten a ways in before I decided I wanted to get something out of my head instead. I loved Dragon Age II, I wanted to get out an idea I had for an Anders-on-the-run-turned-spirit-warrior. I realize it's not a new character, but I wanted to take what I knew of Anders as a character and expand on it.

Rough Sketches (9/8/14):

I've stepped away from the roughs for a little bit, but i'm hoping posting this will get me back on the horse. I'm finding it interesting to include fur in the design- perhaps he escaped to the Anderfels or a colder area. I'm trying to think a bit more about the costume choices, which is a bit of a challenge for me as i'm definitely not a clothing designer.

Overall, this is a huge challenge, and while I'm struggling a bit i'm thoroughly enjoying the progression.

More refining on the roughs and finishing the two on the right, then on to the completed version(s.)


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