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Spirit Guardian

Hello everyone! For my project I will be designing a spirit guardian for a comic I hope to work on with a friend. Figured it is a fun way to get things going!

My keywords list:

Physique: Tall, thin, long, lanky, bulky, bear, cat, tiger, wolf, anthromorphic, horse, elephant, gorilla, skeletal, lion, hound, hawk, vulture, zebra, antelope, gazelle, jungle cat

Elemental: Dark, death, poison, light,

Personality: Stoic, energetic, evil, helping, strong

Habitat/Environment: spirit realm

Special/Unique Features: horns, wings, stripes,

Basic Form: four limbs, face and structure

My refined keyword list:

Physique: Tall, lanky, Junglecat

Elemental: Light

Habitat: spirit realm

Unique features: horns


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