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Spinner's Back in the Saddle Butt Balm

Hi there! This is the first Skillshare class where I've posted something!

So I like to be fun and silly with some of my projects, and I've had this fake product in my head for a while ever since my partner and I came up with funny names for products. "Back in the Saddle" was the name of a fake hemorrhoid cream we came up with, and I thought it was so clever and hilarious. So my fake product is a medicinal balm or salve for long-distance cyclists called 'Spinner's Back in the Saddle Butt Balm'. My notes:


Even though they both sound funny, I ended up calling the product "butt balm" instead of "butt salve" just because I like alliteration. And the fake company I came up with is Spinner's, which I imagine would be an all-natural health line for cyclists. Also, I sketched out two possible hero images and ultmately went with a comical behind POV of a cylclist.

After my "conference call" with myself, I biked to my local flea markets to treasure hunt for vintage and antique packaging! Didn't find much at the first place. Most of the antique stuff was behind glass and super expensive, but I got to take photos of them! The second market I went to was a literal junk yard/building with rusty relics scattered about, random unrelated things piled over one another, and only about 75% of the things there were organized. I had to dig through boxes and shelves to find most of these beauties! 


It was so fun rummaging for these easter eggs. Can't wait to do it again! My favorite is the self-reflexive Royal Baking Powder tin.

I also looked online for some design reference and inspiration. Here's my mood board:


Here are some of my recreation skethes, most of them very quick just to get layouts down. 



And my thumbnail sketches. I actually had to run to the art store and grab a compass for this. It was time I owned one.


For my first iteration going into Adobe Illustrator, I referred to the bottom left thumbnail.



Wasn't a great fan of the color scheme, so I used a baroque-inspired palette. Also didn't like how the digital hero image was too, well, digital. The gradients also didn't match with the stark shadow type. So I decided to paint the image with watercolors, photograph it, take it into Photoshop, and digitally paint over that. Also added a couple of my favorite taglines, "The Cyclists' Choice" and "All Natural" -- and there you have it!



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