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Spilled Vodka

After scrolling through everyone's AMAZING projects, I didn't really have any inspiration for this project and felt a little defeated. While I was scrolling around, I had one too many drinks and accidentally spilled one all over the floor. I got a little pissed about it and BAM! I had an idea! 

I wanted to keep the color scheme really simple so I could focus on using what I learned throughout the lesson. Now I've been using photoshop since high school but I never properly learned how to use it so I really wanted to start from the basics. I used circles, ovals, rectangles, curved rectangles, and various polygons for this picture. 

I'm in love with how it turned out. 

Starting with the couch, I wanted to use a curved edge to give it a little dimension. I used a super narrow triangle shape for the legs. I used a single line to act as a shadow to divide the top and the bottom of the couch to give it some life. I used lines and small circles to give the appearance of a tufted texture. I did a simple grey area rug under the couch. I also recreated my spilled vodka! I really wanted to add a little detail so I added a stirrer with a small olive and a little vodka left over from the spill is still in the martini glass. If I could change this, I would elongate the puddles of vodka to give it a little more realistic spill. I'd also add little light reflection streaks to the puddles. 

The picture frame is just two rectangles...one inside of each other. I typed a quote in a neat little font. I can't remember which one this is. Either Brandon Text or Nobel (it might be spelled Noble). I did some simple shapes in a pop art colour pallette and added some lines so it looked like I didn't try too hard. 

I really like it. I want to print it out and put it up somewhere. 


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