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Daniel Purvis

Illustrator, Creative Director of Stolen Projects



Spike and Albi, 80s Guinea Pigs

I'm currently working on some new pieces for an exhibition. I've been working with ink for a couple of years but never had official training in use and technique, just playing around. Watching Yuko's videos was especially important for me in regards to brush care, paper type and especially tips regarding drawing and looseness of style.

I used masking fluid extensively in this piece in order to get the solid black backgrounds with vines and leaves remaining white. This actually provided an interesting effect to the urn as the masking fluid removed the top layer of the watercolour paper leaving soft exposed fibres allowing for the interesting rough texture (which is almost exactly what I was hoping for!).

The coloured section is watercolour and the pattern is drawn from an old tshirt I used to wear at the time I owned these guinea pigs, sometime in the late 80s and early 90s.

Previously, I would draw out my sketches on terrible paper, then trace that image to paper similar to Yuko's instruction. But then I would tighten everything up. I think is out of fear—I haven't got a lot of confidence in my ink work and I'm often scared that I'll ruin things when I take to them with the brush.

However, I think this is also because I haven't a huge amount of time to work on things, especially for my work as an editorial illustrator for a number of magazines.

I'm currently preparing for a solo exhibition—my first, in fact—and am consciously using the time dedicated to these pieces to increase my own skill set, especially when it comes to actually producing finished artworks on paper instead of on the computer, which is my commercial technique.

My favourite brush is a Kolinsky Sable No. 2, though I also have a 0 and 4 to fill out thicker lines. The ink I use isn't too bad but I find that get a nice thick finish I must pour out some ink into a shallow dish and work from that. This also means the ink tends to get a little thicker and dry out faster and so I must occasionally refill the dish.

I don't have any process shots of my work though I do have a few additional pieces that will be included in the exhibition.


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