Spider goes to Space

Spider goes to Space - student project

Do you ever look up at the sky at night and wonder about stars shining bright well spider he had seen it all, even thou he was small.

You see spider he was no dope his web was on a telescope.

So every night when it was clear in the telescope he’d peer.

He could see stars sparkling far far away and the moon a ghostly white and grey.

He gazed at he stars and the moon above and little spider fell in love.

He thought to himself maybe one day I could fly up there far far away, I want to see planets and galaxies too and want to see everything that’s exciting and new.

So he got to work on his plan to be the first-ever spider spaceman!


He tells his friends and family but they all laugh and say you in space ‘no way’.

Don’t be silly you can’t do that, your just a little spider and that is that.

But spider didn’t listen he knew he would succeed all he needed was a rocket with supersonic speed.

His spider friend then told him one day that there was a rocket not too far away he could take him there the very next day.

They had to be quick there was no time to spare for soon the rocket would be up in the air.

Finally they had arrived and spider got such a surprise to see a real rocket before his eyes.

It was just what he’d dreamed of so shiny too, spider knew exactly want he had to do.

When no one was looking he sneaked in the door found a nice quiet place to curl up have a sleep and snore.

With the spacemen all seated at last, spider felt the most enormous blast, he had never travelled so fast!

The rocket blasted up through the sky as people below waved it goodbye.

Spider heald tight excited with glee thinking of everything that he would see.

As he looked out the window at the earth down below, suddenly he could no longer see the ground and there was darkness all around.

“I can’t hold on im floating in the air that’s right he said “there’s no gravity here’!

He drifts to the window and stares out at space with a great big smile upon his face.

Wow I’ve made it at last, everything has happened so fast, this adventure will be such fun , look over there I think that’s the sun!

They zoom by the moon with its bright white glow, it almost looks like its covered in snow.

He see’s all the planets one by one as they orbit round the powerful sun


He remembers some facts he had heard on they way, things he could hear the astronauts say.


“Venus well what can I say there acid rain there everyday”

“Neptune is so deep and blue but there always storms there too”

“Mars glows red colourful and bright but you would freeze out there at night”

“Saturn with its rings  they are actually made of ice, up close in space they look so nice.”

Uranus spins on its side , it also has rings that are vast and wide”

Juiptor with its swirling colours of orange and blue, I wonder who lives there and what did they do?

Spiders been in space a long long time, its been great fun and he’s feeling fine.

But there still one thing he has to see, his favourite whirlpool galaxy.

He’s feeling tired maybe i’ll sleep, what if I miss the next space treat,

just then in the darkness he starts to see , he looks and looks can it really be.

Yes its the whirlpool galaxy!


It’s like a giant spider web, with finest silk silver and red, the centre glows with a golden light, just like a firework at night.



it’s really like a dream, like nothing he has ever seen.


The voyage is over they leave outer space, passing the moon like their in a space race.


As they land back on earth with a bang and a bump, spider wakes up with a jump.

He sneaks out of the rocket and makes his way back home, he can’t wait to see his family for months he’s been alone.

His family wait to meet him they all shout hip hurry , were so glad to see you this is such a special day.

He tells them tails of comets and amazing shooting stars, of far off distant galaxies and Aliens on mars.

And finally he tells them of the most special sight, the amazing whirlpool galaxy in all of its delight.

His family are so happy and are smiling now with glee and they all shout out together “next time please take me!”





Julie Kelly
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