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Dan-Tam Pham

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Spider Man & Venom Re-Visioned by Shapes & Co.


I thought this was going to be really easy but little did I know.... It wasn't as easy as it looked.... But that's because I've never touched Illustrator before! Once I got the hang of the tools and becoming more efficient with building shapes and what not, it became easier! Practice makes progress! ^_^

So this is as far as I've gotten after watching all of unit 1's lessons! All I need to do next is figure out how to recreate the texture of the sides of the stacked cards and also the shadow of the stacked cards. 

Can anybody give me a hand in figuring out how to recreate the stacked card texture along with the dropshadow associated with the picture?

I'm completely in love with the flat design concept trending right now. I hope to use these new found skills in Illustrator to create beautiful graphics and layouts! 

Progress Picture 1 [ july 23, 2013]

Progress Picture 2 [July 31, 2013]

I spent probably 30 minutes figuring out how to do the perfect dropshadow for the deck. I still havent figured out how they did the original textures for the sides of the cards but this will have to do for now. I learned a LOT from this class and now I am happy to be able to add Illustrator onto the list of programs I'm able to use! I of course have much to learn about this program but I definitely got all the basic tools in my built to build more advanced things! :)


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