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The idea is for people who enjoy cooking or are in a rut from cooking the same receipes over and over.  The app or product would catelog your spice rack and/or ingredients from your fridge and help you develop your own spice or rub.  The app will figure out all the spices and herbs you have and create something unique or new.  This may require help from chefs or culienary students are who can figure out the best solution for your situation.

Wizard of Oz - User inputs data via list or pictures.  A chef reviews the data and responds with a rub or marinade suggestion.

Magic Trick - User sends picture or list of ingredients to the cloud.  SpiceItUp team member searches google and cookbook databases with existing rub or marinade solutions.

Use Cases:

Person buys meat in bulk to eat for the week or month.  Person is looking for fun creative ways to spice up their menu.

Person doesn't feel like going to the grocery store to buy a pre-made rub or marinade and wants to see what he/she can do with exiting resources at home.

Person creates their own rub or marinade and wants to share with community.

Person is interested in learning about new spices and ingredients.  Exotic ingrediants outside of the their norm.


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