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Trisha Nieder

moonlighting as an artist



Spending the Weekend Painting


You can check out a higher-res version here.

I was so excited to get started on this project! I would spend my dream weekend painting. I'm trying to keep a Wes Anderson-esque palette, and potentially fill the frames with quirky portraits to give the background a bit more depth. Pretty happy with how it's coming along so far. Definitely have more work to do, but would love to hear your feedback.


I added pictures to the frames, and worked to keep them in the same color palette. I also changed the bookshelf colors a bit, and added my characters. Looking forward to adding texture, depth, and animation!


Added the textures and effects, and also got started on animation. I think it needs a bit more light, though.


Nearly finished, but something is off with the lighting and I can't figure out what it is/how to fix it...any ideas? I'm pretty sure it's something going on in my camera layer. I ended up just hiding the layer for the final animation.



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