Speedy Sketching

Speedy Sketching - student project

Hey Ed/Everyone!

Thanks for another great class, I'm really enjoying the editorial one so thought I'd tackle this one as well. I've never thought to time myself when sketching it's a really great idea. I know some artists/illustrators like to do 'warm up drawings' before they get to work on other things, which is something that I've never done, but I completed this task first thing today and it felt great to loosen up! I think I will start doing this every day, or definitely if I'm feeling a little slow to get going or am having a block. I also really liked the suggestion to frame areas I'm definitely going to use this more often in my sketchbook.

I used the videos provided, and this is what I cam up with - the last one being particularly hard but fun to do! In the second one I tried to get those pesky cyclists down haha, it was fun to challenge myself! 

Thanks again :-)


Speedy Sketching - image 1 - student project

Speedy Sketching - image 2 - student project

Speedy Sketching - image 3 - student project