Speedy Sketch Challenge

Speedy Sketch Challenge - student project

23 October 2016

Just did a quick sketch of this lovely place, Jiufen, Taiwan. I love all the red lanterns there. I feel like I'm not doing justice to the place here.

Speedy Sketch Challenge - image 1 - student project

Note to self: should get a proper ink brush.

22 October 2016

I don't have any ink and brush with me right now. The closest thing that I got is the Kuretake ZIG Clean Color brush pen, which is waterbase. It probably doesn't work as well but I just wanted to give it a try as soon as I could. This is my first time drawing with a brush and I'm basically totally new to this whole sketching thing. 

Challenge 1: 15 minutes
I first sketched the whole thing and then went with smaller frames. I made a mess there since my hands were a bit damp and the brush pen wasn't waterproof.

Speedy Sketch Challenge - image 2 - student project

Challenge 2: 10 minutes
I think I went overboard with the cables there.

Speedy Sketch Challenge - image 3 - student project

Speedy Sketch Challenge - image 4 - student project

Challenge 3: 5 minutes
I totally forgot that I could have just captured smaller frames of the image. For the 3 challenges I always started with the whole image first before going into the smaller details. I think I basically just made some random strokes there.

Speedy Sketch Challenge - image 5 - student project

Thank you so much for the lesson. I really enjoyed doing the challenges. I did all 3 without stopping as it was so much fun. I used to think that sketching would require many details and never had the confidence to do it but you totally proved me wrong. I was looking for new hobby to pick and I guess I found one now!

Thanks Ed!