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Spear and Maiden

I'm new to digital art. Actually it was this course that inspired me to go out and buy a Wacom Intuos this weekend and so far I am really enjoying it. Of course these sketches are probably the best after I spent all last night trying to get used to using a tablet and screen instead of a pen and pad. I'm proud of them even though I know I have a long way to go...

My brief that I gave myself was a Maiden with a spear. It's nothing complicated but I didn't want to complicate it for myself at this early stage.

Program used : Photoshop CS3

A few of my better refined thumbnails. This new medium still feels a bit wierd to me, but the process I find quite agreeable actually. I like the one on the right, but she was done last so my skills were a bit better.

Still refining. I was drawn most to this design of the three above. I am focusing more on the refining than on doing different variations - so far. I am really enjoying digital art now:)


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