Way back when.....there were two things everyone needed in their life and they were both hard to find. Good music and something to drink it with. Speakeasy's and Jukejoints were the what everyone needed in their life. The Muscians drew the people and the alcohol kept them there. The dancers, the aristicrats, the artists, the jocks and the politicians all loved one payed homage here. 

Fastforward to 2013 and Speakeasy culture is just as prevelent. Whether you're 

How do you make a classy t-shirt. This should be our driving force. we want to be classy at all times. provacative, iconic, bold, progressive but always classy. 

Juxtapozing the new with the old always
Breakdancers and tap dancers
Deejays / big bands

Classic vs Vintage
Deejays vs Bands
Spirts vs wine and beer

Junk Joint / Speakeasy theme
T shirt with a picture of a vest (theme)
Wingtip designs (wingtip should be an all over print tee)
The barber spiral could also be a theme

Spritzer bottle??

Bow Tie on a tie shirt

New School cool theme ( Deejays and Bartenders ) Mixologists


Big Band culture
The markers that go infront of the "big band" cab calloway style. 
Just the market on a tshirt
Janet Jackson and heavy D in "all right with me" video

Sophisitcated Adults theme - Don't forget to cater to wine culture. 
Wine and beats 
Vinyl and bottles